Read up on my most frequently asked questions.

Why do I need a website or logo?

Eventually, you will need a visual, professional space to showcase your work and generate new business. 


Is brand identity needed to become a successful business?

Absolutely! There needs to SOMETHING about your brand that makes clients want to invest in you. Identify what makes YOU shine brighter.



How do I get my images to speak to my brand?

Hire me, duh! No, seriously, present content that is a reflection of what you're selling to your client. Great portraiture matters.



Arrrgh! I think I need assistance with identifying my ideal client!

You've come to the right place! Let's do the work to identify who they are + assess where you should be!

How can I help?

I've been at this for a long time! It took me years to solely work with my ideal client. In the beginning, I had no idea of HOW to find or market to them. I can assist you with a shorter version of my journey. No, it doesn't take 15 minutes or a day, but by the time our process is complete:

  • you'll learn more unique characteristics about yourself + your brand  

  • have a bomb visual of your brand, through portraiture, logo + web design

  • be able to speak to WHO your ideal client is

  • be confident in who you are as a brand

  • and so much more

Will you trust me?


"What can I say! I’d been running my business without a website for a while. I reached out to LaJune 2 years ago to help me. Although she hadn’t built branding into her business yet, she took me on. She convinced me to raise my prices to market to my client and it worked! She is bad behind the camera. LaJune gives me just what I’m thinking and more. She’s very fun, professional, personable and knowledgeable with this branding thing. She maintains my site development and SEO! Choose her for your content!!"


—  Reece, N