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What TikTok has taught me as a Personal Branding + Family Photographer

I’m a photographer based in Frisco, TX. I capture fun personal branding and family portraits. I’ve had to find ways to occupy my time, create new engaging content and tap into my creativity. If you’re like me, you’re either slow to book or are having to reschedule your sessions for the safety of you and your family. I must admit, creating my first family tiktok, in Costa Rica, has been the best (social media) decision I’ve made. I had no idea that I’d have as much time as I do to create and enjoy the end product.

Just 4 Teachings

Creating my own content is way more fun than using what’s available. It takes time and creativity, but it can be done. My 1st original upload has 100 hearts and over 1000 views.

The fact that I actually like being around my family allows us to bond through skits. The first Drake Challenge got 37 hearts and 1300 views, but went viral on Instagram.

The world loves seeing more of my husband. He’s a behind the scenes lover and friend. I think he’s enjoyed being in tiktok ok more than me. He and my son did a beauty mode Tiktok that received 433 hearts and 2700 views. That may be my best one yet.

It is ok to have fun.

I don’t commit to anything if it isn’t fun. That’s been my life. The world is a scary place right now. Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying your time indoors rather than reading COVID-19 updates every 10 minutes?

I highly encourage other creatives to join Tiktok and see where it takes you. Allow new potential clients to see another side of you. I don’t have to worry about putting on makeup for every video or untwisting my hair. You’ll see that “Kodak Black” makes quite a few appearances. Trust me, you have the option to GLOW UP on your audience and it is real. My husband and I did a bibbidibop challenge that received 10k views and 189 hearts.

Go on, give it a try. You’ll love it. No more thinking you're too old to participate. There are many lit Mimis and Papas living their best lives. No rhythm is required to join in on dance challenges. Your videos do not have to be perfect like your photos. Once you’re up and running, find me and I’ll send you a follow.

Be safe and remember to practice #safehands.