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Lupus Awareness Month with Nichole

Nichole during her session with photosbyLJK

Originally, this post was scheduled to focus on Lupus Awareness + Mother's Day, but the events have changed. I'd like to highlight the spirit of Nichole. I have always admired Nichole's creativity, especially when it came to Halloween costumes. Earlier in her journey, she spoke about having lupus to kidney failure + dialysis and how it affected her. Despite her illness, she loved playing dress up and beating that face, Hunty. Her color selections were always so vibrant. If she did suffer, she did so in silence. She chose to LIVE in the moment.

She traveled. She danced. She let nothing stop her from being in the moment. Last March, she'd started a funding page for help (sharing that she now has cancer) and as I was reading her story, I shed tears. I'd immediately reached out to her and asked if she could be my Woman of the Year for Know YOUR Beautiful™️.

She agreed! YAY!

I asked her to bring up to 5 ppl to celebrate this day with her. She coordinated everyone in my favorite vibrant color, blue and we had a blast. The images she gave me embodied joy, peace + so much love. She wore her scars with pride. I'd called to check in with her and she told me she was hanging in there. That's all that mattered.

While on vacation, I got a call that she had transitioned. I was devastated for her Mom + family. Nichole, may you rest in peace. We're still celebrating you, Nichole + sending love to your family.

Nichole during her session with photosbyLJK

To Nichole's Mom, Happy Mother's Day. I'm grateful that she allowed me to capture you all candidly, on this day.

Nichole during her session with photosbyLJK