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So little time left ❤️ with LJK

We're all looking for ways to make time for the ones we love. With that, making time for me, has an extra step. Creating memories for my kids is key for me. I plan to leave behind all of my SD cards so they always have something to print. Thanksgiving was almost perfect. I had everyone I love in one room minus my dad. While he and the kids took photos last year, Mama had just as much fun this year.

Yall, I tried to do her makeup. Tried. Either way, she looks so pretty! Of course I had to add that pop of red to her lips and one of my favorite hats. How did I accomplish all of this Black Mama Magic? I put on, "I'm Every Woman for her." A prompt I used as you look at the photos was for Drew to pick Mimi up. 😂 Livia gave us her usual and we still documented it.

I've lost so much time with my mom. I spent my 20s resenting her for putting her happiness first. Now that I'm a mother, I get it. I understand life so much more. I love her so much. She has accomplished so much. I want to salute her for her accolades. Since I've graduated, my mom has graduated twice. She's received her Bachelor of Science Degree and Masters Degree. She will also be retiring soon. I applaud her moving back home to be with her family. She has spent many years away from us. I talk to her very often over the phone. I'm also able to give her advice and not get popped in the mouth for it. 🥴

I thank you for forgiving me. I thank you for loving me. I'm so glad we have this time together. I have 1 mama and I refuse to die without knowing I gave it my all.

I won't make this a dating blog, but send your daddy my way if they wanna bring something to the table. I'm so serious too.