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As we start our businesses, we may come into it believing that all money is good money. Think about it. We are willing to work with anyone. We will provide a service that is not defined within our offerings. We are willing to collaborate with anyone and because of that, our business suffers. We may even offer discounts to clients, just so we can get their business. As you build your brand, you will attract traffic to your website + social media outlets. It is absolutely impossible to market to everyone. Your objective is to book your ideal client. As we progress in business, learn brand identity, and what we want our businesses to become, we do our research on who we are actually marketing our businesses to. Identifying your ideal client is very specific for obvious reasons. When the client doesn’t fit your criteria and you force your services on them, it can set you back. Booking only your ideal client will grow your business and keep you engaged. I'm going to share with you a few simple reasons why it's important to only book your ideal client.

Your ideal client will see your worth, pay your worth, and not question the investment, so they can enjoy the experience with you. Your ideal client is not expecting you to decrease your value or meet them where they are financially, to experience your services.

When you book your ideal client, you can remain as creative as you choose to be. They typically trust your process and allow you to transform them (their space) into something absolutely amazing.

Your ideal client won't tear at your mental health. A lot of the times when we book a client who is not ideal, it can bring on excruciating migraines. You lose your creativity or desire to stay focused.

Booking your ideal client removes reservations of you not wanting to provide services to other clients, who look like your ideal client.