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Zaidi Family Time is the BEST Time with LJK

I don't share too much black and white imagery, simply because, I LIVE in color through my clients. I personally have a black and white wall up that I ABSOLUTELY love. đź’• You ever prep a session for something specific, but in the moment, decide that black and whites are going to drive the session? That's what happened with The Zaidi Family.

When you think of your ideal family - personal or business, what do you see? I see them. I think I know them pretty well to say that we are all aligned with our morals and family values. Given that they are uber fun + full of life, I wanted to tap into that. Dad tends to keep everyone around him chuckling. Mom is so effortlessly endearing and nurturing. She's absolutely beautiful. I knew that this would be one of my favorite sessions to blog, because they did everything they sign up for, well.

Thank you, Zaidi Family. You all hold a special place within my family and business.